Blended Families and the Importance of Estate Planning

Blended Families add an additional level of complexity to Estate Planning. How will children from previous marriages be treated financially, are their children from the subsequent marriage, how would you like to provide for your spouse after you are gone? Each family has their own challenges and opportunities for solutions. The key is to have a plan ahead of time.

This is a great article exploring some of the difficult issues surrounding blended families especially as it relates to estate planning. The good news is that you CAN solve these issues. The bad news is that they don’t solve themselves. You have to be proactive. As the article points out, lack of planning can be a breeding ground for litigation between step-parents and their step-children or result in unintentional disinheritance all together.

Article: MSN Money “My Step-Mother Stole My Inheritance”

If it’s time to do a check-up on your estate plan or create your first plan, I’d love to work with you to craft a solution for your family. 

Common Misconceptions You May Have About Estate Planning

Saving money on taxes and avoiding probate are the only reasons to do estate planning.

When true estate planning is understood, the financial benefits it produces are least important. Of much bigger significance is the management of personal purpose and family or social guidance. Read more