About Shirley Law Firm

Josh-Shirley-Estate-PlannerI’ve always wanted to have a meaningful impact on the lives of those around me.  I can’t think of anything more beneficial than guiding someone though the fear and uncertainty of providing for your family when you’re gone.  I’ve sat with hundreds of couples as they struggle with these issues.  As we discuss their family situation and begin to craft solutions, I can see unacknowledged tensions begin to ease.  One of my favorite things about Estate Planning is the look on someone’s face when they realize that everything is going to be ‘ok’.

I like to go beyond the legal question of “How do I pass on what I own?” to the more practical and beneficial question of “How should I pass on what I own?”  I’ve seen the pain that can be caused by the loss of a loved one.  I’ve also seen the damage that can be caused by leaving “too much, too soon” to someone who is unprepared.  My experience and expertise allows me to craft a solution that protects your assets as you pass them on to the next generation and protects your family from the unintended consequences that sudden wealth often creates.  I’ve seen wealth, generated over a lifetime, fall into the hands of a child with substance abuse problems.  Two years later there was nothing left but bad memories.  I’ve committed myself to helping families avoid this pain.

I’ve worked with couples to protect spouses from estranged children from a previous marriage.  I’ve worked with parents to protect their children’s inheritance from creditors, divorce, bankruptcy and often from the children themselves.  I’ve worked with children to protect assets from siblings that occasionally “borrow” the money left to care for an ageing parent.  With dedication and proper planning you can ensure that the wealth that you worked so hard to create is still providing for your family long after you’re gone.