Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a difficult period in anyone’s life.  Undertaking a confusing legal process during this uncertain time can be overwhelming.  For many people, they simply do not know where to begin. That is where an attorney who specializes in Probate can be a tremendous asset to you.

Probate is the process by which an individual transfers their property to another individual or charity after their death. A probate estate is made up of all the things an individual owns during their lifetime. If the individual had a will, then the will controls how the Estate is distributed. If they did not have a will, then Georgia has a set of rules called the law of intestacy that will make that decision for them.

I can help you make informed decisions at the beginning of the Probate process rather than waiting for the court to tell you what’s wrong. I have experience in serving clients in the Greater Atlanta area and throughout the state of Georgia through the whole Probate process, including:

  • The legal formalities of opening a Probate Estate
  • Dealing with creditors
  • Appraising property
  • Resolving disputes between heirs
  • Deciding how and when to distribute the Estate
  • Filing documents to close the Probate Estate and release the Executor from all further liability

While the Probate process is complex and can be challenging to navigate on your own, if you have the right people on your team to guide you through each stage of the complex probate process, it can be much easier. I love to help families and individuals walk through the Probate Process, giving them the confidence to know that it is being done the way it should be.  I would love to speak with you to discuss how I can help you with your probate needs.